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Caney Creek Cowboy Church is a family of believers. Like any family, certain responsibilities are to be upheld by each member:
Praying / Tithing
Faithful attendance
Supporting and helping our Pastor, Elders and Church family where needed
If you would like more information on how to become a member of CCCC, please fill out the prayer request card and place it in the offering bucket. You may also email a request to Elder Harry Sander at he will contact you and and set you up with one of the Get Connected Classes.

Get Connected Classes

Classes will be held in the CCCC Youth Center at 8:30am - 9:30am on a monhly basis (check the Event Calendar for dates). You must attend both classes in that session in order for you to be considered completed. Should you miss one class of that month, you must wait until the next month and take both classes over again.

At the end of each completed session, you will then receive the Ministry card for which you may select (an option of three) which Ministry you would like to join. The cards will be reviewed by Danny & Allie Overton and Pastor Mark Grimes. You/Your class willl be presented to the church as a member and at this time will be assigned to the Ministry Leader from one of the choices you have selected. You will then meet with your Ministry Leader for more details on what is expected of you.
God Bless and Thank you.


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